Plenary Videos

In 2017, the PME-NA Conference in Indianapolis video recorded their plenary talks. These have been uploaded to the PME-NA YouTube Channel and are embedded below. Any subsequent plenary talks that are video recorded will also be displayed here.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, October 5th

“Living Mathematx: Towards a Vision for the Future” presented by Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez (Dr. Edd Taylor – Discussant)

Friday, October 6th

“Visual Strategies for Engaging Students in the Mathematics Classroom” presented by Elaine Ellison
“Research in Mathematics Education: Past, Present, and Future” presented by Dr. Les Steffe (Drs. Erik Tillema and Amy Hackenberg – Discussants)

Saturday, October 7th

“Elementary Mathematics Specialists: Ensuring the Intersection of Research and Practice” presented by Dr. Maggie McGatha (Dr. Sheryl Stump – Facilitator, Dr. McGatha, Dr. Dionne Cross, and Jane Mahan – Discussants)

Sunday, October 8th

“Panel Discussion of Technology in Mathematics Education” presented by Drs. Nathalie Sinclair, Ana Isabel Sacristán, and Karen Hollebrands