PME-NA Supports Colleagues Under Attack


The PME-NA Steering Committee again stands by its previous statements that support mathematics educators who face vicious attacks for their scholarship. PME-NA reiterates that it is dedicated to promoting the exchange of scientific ideas related to the psychology of mathematics education both in the U.S. and internationally; to promoting research among mathematics educators, psychologists, mathematicians, and mathematics teachers; and to furthering a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of teaching and learning mathematics. Again, these ideals require the active participation of a broad variety of researchers with varying perspectives about the nature of mathematics teaching and learning.

The recent harassment of scholars in our field, including our colleagues at TODOS and NCSM, Luis Leyva, Rochelle Gutiérrez, and, most recently, Laurie Rubel, is alarming. PME-NA has always engaged in topics from multiple perspectives, particularly those pertaining to equity and critical mathematics, and welcomed the scholarly exchange of ideas in a space that is respectful and informed by research and facts. We intend for these conversations to continue. As an organization comprised of professors, students, and teachers, we know how vulnerable many of our members are to attacks like this that attempt to silence their voices. We encourage members to open up the conversation about how we, as a field, can support our colleagues under attack in real and concrete ways beyond just statements of support like this.

We suggest our constituents read the latest commentaries in JUME and MTE by Rochelle Gutiérrez about her public attacks and Megan Franke’s letter of support for Laurie Rubel. We encourage the community to read Dr. Rubel’s article to become more informed about this issue and consider actions outlined at the EquityMathEd blog about how to support a colleague under attack. We must individually and collectively stand up for human decency and for academic freedom, and maintain the stance that mathematics education is a vital, progressive, and expansive field of research.